Work With Cammi

Banners Various sizes are accepted in both the sidebar and footer that can be site-wide, category specific or on individual pages.

Sponsored Content Advertorials are a great way to use unique content to appeal to a specific market. Sponsored guest posts and product reviews are accepted subject to editorial guidelines. I also accept sponsored content on all my social platforms.

Press Trips + Social Media Campaigns I’m accepting invitations on press trips and social media campaigns if they are relevant. A media kit is available upon request. If you need help running your influencer marketing campaign, please email

Public Speaking I would love to speak at your event, conference or corporate meeting about travel, lifehack, enterpreneurship and marketing.

Marketing Consultating I don’t follow trends. I create them. I help brand understand their target audience, the market and convert traffics into sales. Please email to book an intro call

Contact me for more information, current stats and rates