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Have you ever watched a commercial and wanted to recreate it in real life? I do especially the experiment. When my friends from Stayfree reached out to me and invited me to try the Stayfree Challenge, I couldn’t turn it down. Being a current customer, I would love to learn how my pads perform next to other brands.

Here is my Stayfree Challenge Experiment

Step 1: Place pads on the sheet

Step 2: Pour 5ml of liquid on the centre of each pad and wait for 30 seconds

Step 3: Place a blotting sheet on the centre of each pad.

Step 4: Place a 5 Ib weight on top of the blotting sheet on each pad and wait for 5 seconds.

Step 5: Remove each weight to reveal the result on blotting sheet.


Stayfree – There was almost no liquid on the blotting sheet.

Competitor #1: There was a lot of liquid on the blotting sheet.

Competitor #2:  There was some liquid on the blotting sheet.  Competitor #2 did pretty well compare to Competitor #1, however Stayfree was the most effective pad.

I am already a Stayfree customer, I am glad to see the quality of the product. Now I will need to add the ultra thin pads to my shopping list.

If you want to see the video of the tetst, check out this.


My friend at Stayfree is having a fun contest. Share the uggliest undies for a chance to win 1 of $500 gift cards from beyond the rack and a year’s of supply of Stayfree products. Learn more on Stayfree’s   TwitterYoutube and website.

This post was sponsored by Stayfree.

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Sharing Is Caring

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