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In an Asian community where everyone is wearing XS, small is  NOT skinny. And if you wear medium, you are officially fat.

Most of us are  having trouble finding clothes that fit.  A lot of time, double-zero pants are still too big for me. Most of us don’t put any effort trying to stay skinny, we are naturally thin.  If you think Asians don’t eat, just go to an Asian restaurant. Whenever I go back to Asia or hang out with Asian people, they always ask how much weight I gained. But when I am with Caucasian people, they always think I am skinny and  starving myself. I hate how our society keeps judging people especially models for being skinny. Most models are naturally thin just like most Asians. People are judging us for being the way we are. Can you really judge us if  the obesity rate in US is 30.6%? It means at least 1/3 people who are judging skinny people are overweight. Is it fair to say we are too skinny comparing to an obese person? Of course there are a few extreme cases in the fashion industry but it is still a smaller number compared to the number  of obesity cases in our society. The press  should spend less time worrying about zero size models and more time on the McDonald’s generation. Sorry journalists, you are not in the position to judge size zero models if you are overweight. It might make you feel good but it is not fair. Being fit is not a crime especially if most of us were born this way and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Obesity is a more serious health problem that we  need to pay attention to.

It is sad being  part of a minority group sometimes, people judge you for being different.

Painting: The Rehearsal of the Ballet Onstage Edgar Degas via Met Museum

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Sharing Is Caring

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