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People always think it is so easy being skinny. There is no sympathy when they see a size 0 girl. You need to be naturally skinny to feel the pain. My little sister Monster, is one of them. The girl is almost my height with a 23-inch waist.  Please don’t think that she’s taking something to keep her skinny. Monster loves a rounder body. She was so upset when Lily Collins lost weight to fit in with all the other Hollywood actresses. Monster always tries to eat more to gain weight. Sadly it doesn’t matter how much she eats, she is still a double zero. Buying her clothes is always a nightmare.  Kids clothes are too short, adult clothes are too big. Whenever we find something that fits, I would buy one in every color or at least a backup.

In the past few years, Monster has had a crush on skinny jeans. I keep telling her to stop reaching for the moon and start wearing dresses like me. The girl doesn’t give up. She has been searching for her perfect pair of skinny jeans for a while now. We’ve visited every store at the mall. We also shopped at vintage and thrift stores. We were hoping vintage sizes would be smaller so we could get her some clothes. Once we found purple velvet pants by Yves Saint Laurent; they were great but weren’t skinny jeans. Monster said, “it ‘s too high fashion for school.” And so, we continued our search. After almost two years, we stumbled upon a pair of jeans at a thrift store a month ago. They fit perfectly and it turns out the brand was Rockstar. Monster went on the Internet and found out that it’s an Old Navy label. She asked me to take her to Old Navy to buy some back to school clothes. Sadly, I have been really busy with work. I step out of the house at 7 am and I don’t get back before 10:30. Despite that, she keeps asking me everyday.

Monster has been sick the last few days. She just sits quietly in her room all day. It makes me feel like a bad sister. I am working hard to make money to feed the family and I don’t spend enough time with them. On Monday, after I finish work I ran to the Yorkdale mall and stopped by Old Navy. I got there at 8:45pm and the store closes at 9 pm. The staff was so friendly helping me find the smallest size in the store. Beside the classic skinnies, there were so many fun designs like tuxedo, coated, snakeskin and printed jeans to pick from. I finally picked up a pair of blue printed skinny jeans for Monster. I paid at 9:59, a minute before the store closed. Monster was so happy when she got her present.

The jeans fit perfectly and were super comfy. That night she came to my room close to 10 times to say thank you. The girl wasn’t even that happy when I wrote a big check for her college fund.  Sometimes little thing like an affordable pair of jeans can make someone’s day. It’s the first time in almost 2 years that we found a pair of skinnies that fit Monster perfectly.

It turns out that what we are looking for was right in front of our eyes. It doesn’t need to cost a lot to look good. If you are slim like my little Monster, Old Navy is a good store to check out. They carry a good range of small sizes. Right now skinnies are on sale both online and in store until October 2. You can pick a pair up starting at $19. For the quality and design, it is a really good deal. I ‘m definitely going back to get one in every design for Monster.

This post is sponsored by Old Navy Canada.

 What did Monster wore:

Jeans: Old Navy – similar

Sweatshirt: Unknown – similar

Boots: Unknown 


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Sharing Is Caring

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