Life Is Not Sex And The City: Stop Shopping and Start Saving

Like most girls, I would love to to have Carrie Bradshaw’s lifestyle in Sex And The City. Who doesn’t want a beautiful Upper East Side apartment with over 100 pairs of designer shoes in a big giant walk in closet?

Her life seems so wonderful: writing for a famous column, partying at the most exclusive parties, wearing designer clothes from head to toe and dating a millionaire.

It is beautiful, but unrealistic.

As a blogger, I know most writers don’t make a lot of money from writing, Or else every journalist and blogger would be a millionaire.

Life is not Sex and The City, and most of us cannot afford to visit Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman or Saks every other day. If Carrie Bradshaw lived in our world, she would be in serious debt and she might need to write a frugal blog instead of a relationship column.

There is actually a great book about a real-life-Carrie -turned-frugal-blogger (minus the millionaire boyfriend).

I really adore Sex and the City because it is one of the first few TV shows that have powerful women. But it also promotes an unrealistic portrayal of NYC city life. In season 4, Carrie told a photographer:

When I first moved to New York and I was totally broke, sometimes I would buy Vogue instead of dinner. I just felt it fed me more. ~Carrie Bradshaw

Seriously, wake up crazy lady! You will be starving to death before you have a chance to read that Vogue issue. Sex and the city’s lifestyle looks glamorous, but it is just a dream. Nobody would be able to afford Carrie’s lifestyle on a journalist’s salary unless you are a secret high-class escort.

Surprisely a lot of women actually live that life and don’t think about tomorrow. They bring home the latest collection from high-end department store and play hide and seek with a debt collector. It is sad.

A lady doesn’t live beyond her means. A lady doesn’t buy things she doesn’t need with the money she doesn’t have. She knows her value and understands she doesn’t need to prove it. A lady thinks about her future and invests in it.

Don’t spend today and pay tomorrow because life is not Sex and the City.

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