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Last week the Little Monster and I went shopping to prepare her for going back to school. It sounds like an easy job but sadly most brands don’t carry Asian sizes. It has always been a challenge to find a pair of jeans that is long enough for Monster but also fits her tiny waist. It is so hard to shop for her. If I see anything that fits, I would buy it in every color. Old Navy is one of a few stores that have jeans for her. We dropped by the store in Yorkdale, while we were there, I saw some fun and colorful sweaters.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you would know my unlimited love for cashmere and my hate for synthetic materials. I was surprised when I realized how soft the Old Navy cotton sweater is. I love the fact that it is 100% cotton. I usually only wear materials from the food group: tweed, cotton, wool and cashmere. The material is so soft but the price is less than 10% of a cashmere sweater. It means I can buy every fun and colorful design in the store and still spend less than what I would pay for a cashmere sweater. It’s so much easier to take care of this machine-wash sweater than cashmere.  It is a sweet deal that I couldn’t pass. I bought myself a navy sweater with cute grey elbow patches.

I always get so excited when I get a new pieces of clothing. I couldn’t wait until fall to come to wear my new soft sweater. Monster and I played dress up. The Old Navy sweater is a very versatile classic piece that I can easily dress up and down. Throw on a cute little skirt, layer it on top of a basic white dress shirt, roll up the sleeves and I have a back-to-school outfit that would make the girls from Pretty Little Liars jealous. I can wear the sweater with my high waisted black dress pants and a silk scarf and be ready for the office. However I settled for a more 50s look with pillbox hat and a vintage skirt. My dear friend Brad said I looked like I just walked out from a classic movie.  That  is something I want to hear everyday.

If you want to get a sweater for yourself, all new crew sweaters from Old Navy is on sale for $15  both online and in store between September 3-11.  Those are super comfy, they are part sweater, part sweatshirt. I know I will be back to get Monster and I some more clothes. We never have too many basic sweaters to layer in the cold Canadian weather.


What I wore

Sweater: Old Navy

Skirt: Vintage

Purse: Vintage

Shoes: Michael by Michael Kors

Belt: Forever 21

Tights: Black – Ardene, Blue – Forever 21

Pillbox hat: Asos


This post is sponsored by Old Navy Canada.


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Sharing Is Caring

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