Sharing Is Caring

I deleted my old blog. It was not easy. But sometimes you need to do something that hurts and get over it. I am no longer the same person I used to be a few years ago.

I have spent the last 6 months trying to figure out what I am going to write.

At a point, I dreamed to write a blog like The Stranger blog by my sweet dearest friend Michelle Lara Lin with stunning editorial photos and provocative writing. We have a lot in common. Both of us have never finished college. I wrote a post explaining why I think college is a bad investment. Both of us are working in startup world and have no life. But I realized that I will be never able to write beautiful wordy posts like Michelle. Even Michelle thinks it is hard to write sometimes. Furthermore, I cannot see myself spending hours posing for beautiful editorial photos for my blog. There is nothing wrong about it, you know I adore Michelle and her blog. My tomboy side told me that it was not my thing. I am too practical to produce works like Michelle. I will just admire her beautiful artsy blog from far away.

Another time, I thought about writing something like Seth Godin: short, sweet posts that make people think. Just tell people half of the story, let them figure out the other half, and everyone will think you are brilliant. It sounds like the perfect strategy. The problem is that I am not a wise man like Seth and writing short posts is just not my thing. I know it doesn’t make sense because I have tweeted over 90,000 tweets and had over 60,000 followers on Twitter. But it is so much easier to write a 140 characters message or a long essay than something in between. Not everything has to make sense.

One time I thought about writing hilarious posts like my dear girlfriend J. J Cowan from The Secrets From Your Girlfriends. She writes the funniest posts ever like here, here and here. I am always waiting for a new post from this lady. I tried, tried and tried but my posts all sound lame. My dream becoming the next J.J Cowan was over.

After reading so many amazing blogs, I realized that I was trying to create a dream instead of reality. I spent too much time trying to become someone else instead of focusing on being the better version of myself!

Life is too short to blog like everyone else.

I cannot write fancy blog posts with stunning photos like Michelle, but anyone can read and understand my fifth grader vocabulary and short sentences.

I cannot offer great advice like Seth Godin, but people can learn from all my mistakes.

I cannot be as funny as JJ Cowan, but everyone can laugh at all of my silly moments.

I cannot be a good second rate version of someone else because I am too busy being myself.

I am not perfect, but like everyone else, I have something special to offer, myself. Nobody can be better me than myself. I can offer you a blog about a girl who cannot write and her imperfect life, the unfiltered version of my life, a cammilicious experience.

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Sharing Is Caring

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