Sharing Is Caring

I am greedy.

I have experienced so much, and I know how hard it is to earn something. I hate giving up all my hard earned cash, however…

To make money you need to spend money

In many situations, I would rather hire someone to do what I don’t like to do, here are a few examples:

1. Catering

I love parties, but I love throwing parties even more. The last time I check I work in marketing and event planning is part of my job. I believe parties are about building and nurturing relationships. It doesn’t make sense for me to spend too much time cooking and cleaning, and by the time the party comes; I’ll have no energy to build relationships. If I can afford to get catering, I would have to do it,  It is an investment and if you know how to build relationship right, it is very cheap.

Recently I found out that Subway Canada is offering sandwich catering. Catering doesn’t always mean it has to be expensive. We know how affordable Subway is, the new service is perfect for sports gatherings, office meetings,  parties and field trips. I know who to call the next time I need corporate catering.

2. Cleaning

One thing I hate the most is cleaning. I grew up with maids and it is one thing I have never learned how to do it myself. I wish I made enough money to have a live-in maid,  however that doesn’t mean I can’t have someone come to my house a few times a week to clean my house. Why bother doing what I hate when I can do what I love and make way more money. The opportunity cost is way too high for me to do it myself. You can easily find an affordable cleaning lady or a great cleaning service on a group buy deal site.

3. Pampering

My family has a nail salon, my siblings and I always have beautiful nails but if they didn’t have one, I would rather to pay for it. I am so clumsy, It would take me 2 hours to paint my own nails. I make more than enough to be able to afford a manicure. It is so important to look polished in business, everyone judges others by their appearance in some way, even you. I believe we should all look good before we leave the house.

4. Anything Money Related

Money cannot buy the most valuable things in life but it can buy the second most valuable things. [Tweet this]

I love money, and I hate losing money. My mother made me manage the household finances since I was 10. I understand the basics but I am not an expert in the field. I find it is so important to hire a good accountant who know what she or he is doing. You can lose or save a lot of money depending on who you are hiring, Stop trying to do your own tax returns unless you know what you are actually doing. Most of the time to save $50, people are losing a few thousand dollars.

You don’t need to know everything in finance, you just need to know enough to hire a good financial advisor. [Tweet this]

There’s a lot more things I hate to do myself.

If you can afford to hire someone who is better than you to save time, do it. Most of the time you are doing yourself a favor.

My father spends most his time at the golf course and drinking with people. If he can afford to pay someone, he would do it. He spends his time to learning from people and comes up with brilliant strategies. Believe me, he gets paid many times more than the people he hires. Sometimes doing nothing is a job. It allows you to focus on one thing that is the most important to you.

At the end of the day, you can always earn more money but you cannot earn more time. Spend your time wisely.

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Sharing Is Caring

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