Every day I work with new companies/people ( Remember I am a consultant – want to work with me=> contact@cammipham.com), get fed by someone ( I help people a lot), and receive new  samples ( I am kind of charming). It makes no sense to me to mention my favorite pair of shoes are gifted every time I wear them or who paid for the the dinner. I only write about something if I love or hate it.  How many times did I trash a brand? A lot more than the amount of good reviews I have writtern. It takes me years to build my reputation, I won’t destroy it for a pair of ugly shoes that I wouldn’t wear.

Just to make my life easier and avoid continual eye sore for my readers please assume for for every recommendation, link, and product I use, the following statements are true:

FTC Disclosure Writer got free bookFTC Disclosure

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FTC Disclosure

Illustrations by Louis Gray and Jeannine Schafer, via Tim Ferris