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My girl friends often ask me to help them pick the perfect date outfit. It’s hard, I find women often over think. Today I am going to share with you a few tricks to make it easier to find a perfect outfit for a date.

1. Lady in Red

Did you know, that men are most attracted to the colour red? The little black dress is safe but sometimes it is too boring. Men are not looking for a boardroom buddy on a date. Be adventurous and put on the sexy red dress. Researchers at New York’s University of Rochester found that men believe women wearing red are more likely to respond to their advances. Don’t forget to wear red lipstick.

2 Don’t be the one who wears the pants

According to a research by University of Hertfordshire, women who wear a dress or a skirt seem more confident and successful, furthermore in the men’s eyes, a dress or skirt shows off our sexy and feminine side.

3. Put on your heels

I love flats. You know I wear my Ferragamo flats every other day. Unless you are going to walk or play sports, put on a pair of heels. It is not the time to look conservative like his mother, bring out your sexy side. Men didn’t invent heels for no reason.

4. Show a little skin

Keep in mind you only want to show some skin not too much. Show some legs and arms. Try to avoid low cut or a short dress. Researchers from University of Leeds have revealed the optimum amount of skin to have on show is 40 per cent if you’re looking for a lasting relationship.

5. Pay attention to your hair

Did you know? The first body part men notice is your hair, they like it long and worn down. Spend time to style your hair but don’t overdo it, make it look effortless!

6. Tone down the makeup

One in five men think their partner wears too much make-up. Less is more.

7. Wear what you feel comfortable in

I find a lot of my friends spend a crazy amount of money buying clothes for a date. Most men cannot tell the difference between Chanel and H&M. It’s sad, and you need to accept it. It’s not worth investing a lot of money buying new clothes for a date and it’s never a good idea to wear new clothes and shoes on a date either. You don’t know what to expect – find something you feel comfortable wearing and rock it. If you don’t feel comfortable, a designer outfit won’t make it better.

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Sharing Is Caring

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