Make It With Love

Women and men run businesses differently. Men run businesses with their brains. Women run businesses with their hearts. Women make it happen by sharing the love.

We create love.

And I learned that lesson from my dear grandmother.

My mother told me she has learned  a lot more from her mother-in-law than her own mother. My grandmother passed away when I was a toddler, I don’t remember much about her.  My mother shared with me a few lessons she had learned from my dear grandmother.

Before the U.S. embargo on Vietnam was lifted in 1994, everybody in Vietnam was struggling. Inflation was very high, most people barely made enough money to cover living expenses. My mom told me her salary was not enough to pay for gas. My entire family depended on my grandmother’s tiny little pharmacy. Our house was on a small lane and very close to a big hospital. People would pass by many pharmacies on their way to our house. But my grandmother had never had a problem finding customers. Why would anyone go into a small lane to buy medicine instead of just dropping by any drug store on the main street? My grandmother had some business secrets. Read more

Do You Need A DSLR Camera For Blogging?

model in the city 2 fujifilm fx1 compact camera

When I started blogging, I asked myself, “Do I need a DSLR camera for blogging?”

All my fashion blogger friends swear by their DSLR, and they all told me to get one.

If there is an Elle magazine for fashion blogging, a DSLR will be in the must have list. It is a necessary like the 50 shades of pink POI nail polishes. Back then it made a lot of sense to invest in one.

One day I was trying to find room for a gifted unwanted dress, it made me think. If I don’t let my friends tell me how I should dress, why would I let them tell me what I should purchase?

Listening to the people who sold their souls to companies for invitations to exclusive parties or a free dress tell you what to buy is never a good idea. I am too poor to listen to my friends.

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sex and the city stop shopping and start saving

Life Is Not Sex And The City: Stop Shopping and Start Saving

Like most girls, I would love to to have Carrie Bradshaw’s lifestyle in Sex And The City. Who doesn’t want a beautiful Upper East Side apartment with over 100 pairs of designer shoes in a big giant walk in closet?

Her life seems so wonderful: writing for a famous column, partying at the most exclusive parties, wearing designer clothes from head to toe and dating a millionaire.

It is beautiful, but unrealistic.

As a blogger, I know most writers don’t make a lot of money from writing, Or else every journalist and blogger would be a millionaire.

Life is not Sex and The City, and most of us cannot afford to visit Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman or Saks every other day. If Carrie Bradshaw lived in our world, she would be in serious debt and she might need to write a frugal blog instead of a relationship column.

There is actually a great book about a real-life-Carrie -turned-frugal-blogger (minus the millionaire boyfriend). Read more