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Why You Should Stop Criticizing Models For Being Skinny

The Rehearsal of the Ballet Onstage Edgar Degas

In an Asian community where everyone is wearing XS, small is  NOT skinny. And if you wear medium, you are officially fat. Most of us are  having trouble finding clothes that fit.  A lot of time, double-zero pants are still too big for me. Most of us don’t put any effort trying to stay skinny, ...

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Is The Clarisonic Worth The Splurge?

clarisonic #SonicRevolution

It is another day of my 16 hour-work-day life. Working for a start-up is hard, but you cannot understand how hard it is until you actually work for one. It is even harder when I am juggling a full time start up life, freelance gigs, and help running family businesses. That is what an independent ...