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*Disclosure: I am participating in a sponsored campaign hosted by Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board and I received compensation for this post, however, all opinions expressed are my own.

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Food is everything for me. It was my first love. I was raised to be an adventurous eater. I eat everything from street food to fine dining. Whenever I travel, I love walking around and discover new food. When my friend Rossana told me about food lover’s paradise, Puerto Vallarta, I knew I have to visit the city. The city offers all types of culinary experiences from family-run taco stands and sidewalk cafes, to award winning restaurants.

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Travelers can easily find vegetarian, vegan and gluten free food in Puerto Vallarta. Traditional Puerto Vallarta dishes like quesadillas, taquitos, chilaquiles, and tacos are made from corn-based gluten free tortillas and everything is made from fresh, whole ingredients. My little sister and travel buddy doesn’t eat dairy. It nice to know that Puerto Vallarta’s restaurants are always willing to accommodate her.

Each year between October to May, Puerto Vallarta is home to some of Mexico’s most important food and wine festivals.

If you want a deal, visit Puerto Vallarta during May when they  celebrate one of the longest runs in contemporary Mexican culinary events, since 2005, Restaurant Week. The best restaurants in the city offers three course meals at reduced prices. It is a great opportunity to try the best food Puerto Vallarta can offer without breaking the bank.

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If you want a winter getaway, you cannot miss Puerto Vallarta’s International Gourmet Festival. This year the city will celebrates its 20th edition featuring the talent of over 30 world renowned Chefs representing National and European restaurants from all over the world to create delicacies to delight any palate! The festival has attracted over 350,00 gourmet fans since 1995. This is heaven for foodies, and you don’t want to miss it.

Even if you cannot come to Puerto Vallarta during one of these amazing food events, you can always check out their local Food Tours. In 3 hours, you can enjoy delicious tacos, the rich history, the friendly people and stunning architectures at the same time. This is the perfect activity for the family.

You can also take one of the amazing Traditional Mexican Cooking class from the Traditional Mexican restaurant, El Arrayán, whose Owner/Chef Carmen Porras and Chef Alfonso Corona teach over 35 recipes from diverse regions throughout Mexico including, moles, tamales, fresh salsas and more desserts.  What is better than bringing the taste of Puerto Vallarta home and share with your friends and family. They also include guided tours of local food markets to shop for ingredients, wine pairings, complimentary appetizers and craft cocktails and recipes. It is a one-on-one experience inside their home with breathtaking views of Marina Vallarta.

I cannot wait to have a chance to escape the cold winter in Canada and experience the food festivals in Puerto Vallarta. It is always nice to enjoy a beautiful city and share great food with the people I care about. Puerto Vallarta makes it easy to organize a winter getaway for the family. It has something for everyone. 



Puerto Vallarta is truly a world class tourist destination, named “Friendliest City” by Conde Nast in 2001, and 27 by Travel + Leisure in 2015

“Best place in the world to retire” by AARP (North American Association of Retired Persons),

“Best Vacation Destination in Mexico” by USNews.com in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

“Most Romantic Place in Mexico”

“Favorite Beach Destination in Mexico” by About.com in 2012,

“Best place for Conventions” in a convention marketing magazine

Listed in “Top 10 Destinations in Mexico” by TripAdvisor in 2015.


Join me this Wednesday and learn more about the amazing food of Puerto Vallarta:

What: #PVCuisine Twitter Party + Giveaway

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Join Us Sept 24th For The #QuitoCuisine Twitter Party + #Giveaway ($3000 VALUE) [SPONSORED]

*Disclosure: I am participating in a sponsored campaign hosted by Quito Tourism Board and I received compensation for this post, however, all opinions expressed are my own.

When I travel, the first thing I look up is food. It is hard to enjoy a beautiful place if I am hungry. There are so much history and culture hiding behind all the delicious dishes. I learn something new after each bite. They are delicious stories that I want to taste. Food is part of the travelling experience that most people forget. What is the point travelling around the world and eating at McDonalds? You haven’t had the real travelling experience unless you taste authentic food.

After a vacation, you cannot bring back the peaceful beach or the breathtaking sights.  It is impossible to capture the energy or warm weather into your suitcase to bring home. But we can always bring unique recipe back to our own kitchen and recreate them. I always try to learn at least two or three signatures dish everywhere



Quito was the first capital city to be named a World Heritage site by UNESCO and recognized for the second consecutive year as “Best Leading Destination in South America” by the World Travel Awards (2013 & 2014).

One of the 14 finalists within the New 7 Wonders Cities contest.

Latitude Zero, culinary summit – an event held the last few years with International celebrity chefs attending, bringing their knowledge and experiences on avant garde cuisine to Quito, sharing new techniques using local ingredients.

Quito is the best place to find the latest culinary innovation as well as traditional dishes from across Equador.

The peak of Chimborazo is also the furthest point from the center of the Earth and the closest to the sun.

Quito is the only place where you can simultaneously stand with one foot in the Northern Hemisphere and the other in the Southern Hemisphere.

Quito has a spring weather throughout the year.

Ecuador is the only Country in South America, which uses the U.S. Dollar as its national currency.

I am happy to learn that the Ecuadorian city, Quito has a lot more to offer than the beauty of this ancient city. It is the culinary destination of the Americas. The extraordinary taste and diversity of flavours of their pre hispanic, colonial and republican heritage fuse beautifully with new contemporary and international techniques.

Some of the establishments in the city have joined current trends in global hospitality of  incorporating cooking demonstrations and preparing various Quito dishes in front of their guests and customers. Cooking classes, talks and entertaining explanations and tips are some of the elements that make this an up close and personal experience while dining in Quito.

When I travel, I like to taste both street food and fine dining. Each dish offers a different story about the culture and history of the city. It is nice to experience life like a local through the food. You can eat delicious dishes off the street or dine at the top of the volcano….YES, VOLCANO. Many restaurants are incorporating cooking demonstrations and preparing various Quito dishes in front of their guests and customers. You can also learn how to cook your town Quito dishes from many cooking classes. What is a better way to bring home the taste of Quito.

There are so many great dishes in Quite but here are some of its signature dishes.

Quito- Locro


Locro soup, which is called rucru Quichua, was common among the Incas and people who cultivated potatoes. It is not really a soup or a broth with potatoes, its consistency is more of a thick stew.


Quito -figs

In Quito, Fresh fig with cheese is is served as a specialty during Easter and as a snack throughout the year. Another variation is the white sugar powdered fig, an old recipe made by in cloistered monasteries.

canelazo - warm spiced cinnamon cocktail

Whenever I am in a new city, the first thing I ask the concierge at a hotel is what the signature drink of the city is. In Quito, it is Canelazo, a warm spiced cinnamon cocktail made with cinnamon, water, sugar and aguardiente. This is the perfect drink for the night to keep you warm when the weather gets a little cooler.

Quito also has a variety of international cuisine available – see more here

 If you have special dietary restrictions such as vegan, gluten-free, you have nothing to worry about. Many of the Quito’s chefs have been trained internationally and can tailor dishes for you.

The thought of having a gastronomical adventure in one of the best cities in the world makes me want to visit Quito more. I want to try all the exotic and authentic dished Quito has to offer. And looking forward to learn to make some and bring home the taste of Quito.

Want to learn more about the beautiful city Quito and its interesting food scene, join me on #QuitoCuisine Twitter Party on September 24th at 9:30 EDT.


Quito Twitter Party

WHAT: #QuitoCuisine Twitter Party

WHEN: Thursday, September 24th at 9:30-10:30 pm EDT

HOST: @RosannaWyatt

GUEST: @VisitQuito


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    *Prizing is only open to residents of USA who have reached the age of majority in their State, but anyone is invited to party along with us!

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I just RSVP’d for the #QuitoCuisine Twitter party on Sept 24th at 9:30 PM EDT. Join me, great prizes! http://bit.ly/QuitoCuisine

Tweet: I just RSVP'd for the #QuitoCuisine Twitter party on Sept 24th at 9:30 PM EDT. Join me, great prizes! http://bit.ly/QuitoCuisine


Make It With Love

Women and men run businesses differently. Men run businesses with their brains. Women run businesses with their hearts. Women make it happen by sharing the love.

We create love.

And I learned that lesson from my dear grandmother.

My mother told me she has learned  a lot more from her mother-in-law than her own mother. My grandmother passed away when I was a toddler, I don’t remember much about her.  My mother shared with me a few lessons she had learned from my dear grandmother.

Before the U.S. embargo on Vietnam was lifted in 1994, everybody in Vietnam was struggling. Inflation was very high, most people barely made enough money to cover living expenses. My mom told me her salary was not enough to pay for gas. My entire family depended on my grandmother’s tiny little pharmacy. Our house was on a small lane and very close to a big hospital. People would pass by many pharmacies on their way to our house. But my grandmother had never had a problem finding customers. Why would anyone go into a small lane to buy medicine instead of just dropping by any drug store on the main street? My grandmother had some business secrets. Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Buy An Engagement Ring

Dear my future husband,

If you love me, don’t give me a diamond ring.

I believe that it is necessary to have some kind of down payment for people to take the relationship more seriously.

Marriage is a business even people hate to admit it. Remember, you have to sign a contract.

If you propose and run away with your love at first sight new girlfriend, sorry you won’t get back your engagement ring. That is the price you will have to pay for wasting the valuable time that I won’t be able get back, ruining my reputation and breaking my heart.

 If you don’t break your promise, you won’t lose anything. It is a fair game. I am expensive and every girl should be too.

But I don’t think marriage’s down payment should be in the form of an engagement ring to show the world that you are engaged.

As soon as you leave the jeweler with a diamond, it loses over 50% of its value …. If you want to hoard gold jewelry however, there is  typically a 100-400% retail markup so that’s probably not a wise investment.

If you are multi-millionaire with money to spend, it is just like buying candy, but most of us are not millionaires. Most of us are still trying to figure out how to become financially independent, and have a secure life.

At the end of the day marriage is about building a future not losing money together (on purpose).

 Did you know, the fancy diamond engagement ring isn’t traditional, it was clever advertising.

In 1919, De Beers experienced a drop in diamond sales that lasted for two decades. So in the 1930s it turned to the firm N.W. Ayer to devise a national advertising campaign—still relatively rare at the time—to promote its diamonds. A year convinced Hollywood actresses to wear diamond rings in public, and, according to Edward Jay Epstein in The Rise and Fall of the Diamond, encouraged fashion designers to discuss the new “trend” toward diamond rings. Between 1938 and 1941, diamond sales went up 55 percent. By 1945 an average bride, one source reported, wore “a brilliant diamond engagement ring and a wedding ring to match in design.” The capstone to it all came in 1947, when Frances Gerety—a female copywriter, who, as it happened, never married—wrote the line “A Diamond Is Forever.” The company blazoned it over the image of happy young newlyweds on their honeymoon. The sale of diamond engagement rings continued to rise in the 1950s, and the marriage between romance and commerce that would characterize the American wedding for the next half-century was cemented. By 1965, 80 percent of American women had diamond engagement rings. The ring had become a requisite element of betrothal—as well as a very visible demonstration of status. [Source]

I prefer to have a nice investment portfolio or a house down payment than a sparkling rock on my finger. It is a better investment for my marriage and future. If my family goes bankrupt tomorrow, it will easier to sell my portfolio or real estate than a my half price diamond engagement ring. I think it is a better idea for couples to have smart long-term investment together which will benefit them more.

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but long-term investments are a woman’s best friend.

You won’t have an engagement ring to show off on Instagram and Facebook, but you will have more money in the bank account to build the future with your soon-to-be husband.

Which one is more important?

Is it better to be special for a few minutes or live a better life?

It is better to show off an amazing future husband than an (expensive) tiny ring.

It is never easy being different. People will ask why you don’t have an engagement ring. But it is easier to explain than why you are in financial trouble.

Marriage is an investment, you are investing your life. It is always a good idea to start it the right way with a strong foundation instead of a sparkling rock on your finger.

Would you not marry someone if he didn’t spend a few months salary on a ring? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Do You Need A DSLR Camera For Blogging?

model in the city 2 fujifilm fx1 compact camera

When I started blogging, I asked myself, “Do I need a DSLR camera for blogging?”

All my fashion blogger friends swear by their DSLR, and they all told me to get one.

If there is an Elle magazine for fashion blogging, a DSLR will be in the must have list. It is a necessary like the 50 shades of pink POI nail polishes. Back then it made a lot of sense to invest in one.

One day I was trying to find room for a gifted unwanted dress, it made me think. If I don’t let my friends tell me how I should dress, why would I let them tell me what I should purchase?

Listening to the people who sold their souls to companies for invitations to exclusive parties or a free dress tell you what to buy is never a good idea. I am too poor to listen to my friends.

Read more

sex and the city stop shopping and start saving

Life Is Not Sex And The City: Stop Shopping and Start Saving

Like most girls, I would love to to have Carrie Bradshaw’s lifestyle in Sex And The City. Who doesn’t want a beautiful Upper East Side apartment with over 100 pairs of designer shoes in a big giant walk in closet?

Her life seems so wonderful: writing for a famous column, partying at the most exclusive parties, wearing designer clothes from head to toe and dating a millionaire.

It is beautiful, but unrealistic.

As a blogger, I know most writers don’t make a lot of money from writing, Or else every journalist and blogger would be a millionaire.

Life is not Sex and The City, and most of us cannot afford to visit Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman or Saks every other day. If Carrie Bradshaw lived in our world, she would be in serious debt and she might need to write a frugal blog instead of a relationship column.

There is actually a great book about a real-life-Carrie -turned-frugal-blogger (minus the millionaire boyfriend). Read more